Art poster competition

A poster competition has been launched on four different topics related to climate change. These are energy demand and prices, sustainable food production, green mobility, biodiversity and social climate justice.

Art poster competition

The submitted posters can be viewed on the Online Democracy Platform, and registered users have the opportunity to vote for their favourite designs to contribute to the selection process.

In a world grappling with the urgent challenges of climate change, the EU 24 – Engage for the Planet project emerges as a sign of empowerment. Spanning five European countries – Sweden, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, and France – this ambitious initiative will bring together domestic and mobile union citizens to foster dialogue and action in the realms of climate justice, climate change, and sustainability. Over the course of 20 months, gender-balanced blended exchange events will serve as catalysts for democratic engagement and bridge the participation gap among young citizens, individuals from diverse backgrounds, and mobile union citizens. Therefore, the EU24 poster competition is a way to link all the events together through climate related topics. It is a way to raise awareness, understand the challenges and opportunities of
the climate crisis.
As a result, it will enable participants to link local issues of climate change, climate justice and sustainability to larger debating events. It will also stimulate a gender-balanced & diversity-oriented participation of citizens from diverse backgrounds through a participative and creative format. The poster campaign is a key dissemination and inclusion element throughout our project.

Competition Launch: 1st of July 2023

First submission deadline for the mobility posters : 15 September 2023

Submission Deadline: January 2024

Application form

Read the Art Poster competition guidelines here below