(Un)heard Voices Campaign

Welcome to “(Un)heard Voices,” a video campaign that aims to amplify the often unseen and unheard narratives of marginalized communities in the context of the upcoming European elections

Embarking on a mission to bring the information closer to you, the EU24 project launched an engaging communication campaign ( follow us on Instagram and Twitter ). Designed for those eager to delve into election-related topics, it offers insights on why the EU election matters, ways to celebrate democracy, the pivotal role of the European Parliament, distinctions between European and national elections, and the profound implications of these elections. Your voice matters!

As we prepare to cast our votes and shape our future, it’s crucial that we hear from voices that are typically sidelined or ignored.

Through a series of compelling video interviews “(Un)heard Voices” brings to light the diverse perspectives and lived experiences of individuals who have  been underrepresented in political discourse. From migrants, women, youth and elderly to members of the LGBTQ+ community advocating for equality and recognition, each story is a testament to the rich tapestry of identities and struggles that define our continent in times of climate crisis. 

But “(Un)heard Voices” goes beyond mere storytelling. It’s a call to action, urging viewers to confront their own biases, expand their understanding of social issues, and actively engage with marginalized communities in the democratic process. By amplifying these voices, we hope to foster empathy, solidarity, and meaningful change in the political landscape of Europe.

Join us on this transformative journey as we strive to make democracy truly inclusive and representative of all its citizens. Together, let’s ensure that no voice goes unheard, and that every individual’s perspective is valued and respected in shaping the future of our shared home.

“(Un)heard Voices: Perspectives on the European Elections from Marginalized Groups” – because every voice needs to be heard.

Campaign is a part of the  “EU24 Engage for the Planet” project that aims to decrease the democratic participation gap of young citizens, citizens of diverse backgrounds, mobile union citizens in a gender balanced way by showing them their voices matter.

As part of this campaign and as we prepare to cast our votes and shape our future, it’s crucial that we hear from voices that are typically sidelined or ignored.


Anastas Krusińska

Polish non-binary activist/artist. They have been involved in social justice since they were 12. Anastas believes words sharpen our reality and art should make us act. Their work is connected with creating safer spaces for queer community.

Anna Krenz

Artist, architect, editor and activist. Starting from 2001, she collaborates with the Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy in Denmark, on projects related to sustainable development. From 2003 to 2012, she co-managed the Gallery ZERO in Berlin, hosting over 100 exhibitions, concerts, and happenings featuring artists from Poland, Germany, and around the world. Founder of the group Dziewuchy Berlin, an informal collective of Polish activists who, since April 2, 2016, organize demonstrations, meetings, and solidarity actions in support of women in Poland. Her artistic action “Global Scream,” or the “Minute of Scream,” has been conducted throughout Germany since 2019. Initiator of the International Council of Polish Women+. She actively engages in projects concerning women’s rights in Berlin and Poland, as well as local initiatives in Puszczykowo and Poznań. Writes about architecture, lectures worldwide on topics related to architecture, urban socio-cultural aspects, ecology, and engaged art Since 2003, lives in Berlin.

Monika Dubiel

Psychologist and Spanish philologist. Blind person, consultant of accessibility solutions for visually impaired people, trainer conducting trainings on audio description, accessibility and savoir vivre towards people with disabilities. In 2023, she received a doctorate in cultural and religious studies from the University of Warsaw. Her research interests revolve around disability in culture, particularly in Latin American culture. In addition, she also conducts research on the accessibility of culture for people with disabilities in Poland. Since 2020, she has run, together with Mikolaj Jablonski (and since 2023 she has run herself) VIP team social media channels, where she popularizes knowledge about the functioning of people with visual disabilities.

Karim Mars

Is 31 years old and settled in Marseille in 2021. Here, he work as a teacher for an association that works in job placement for young adults in school dropout or literacy situations. Before arriving in the south of France, he obtained a master’s degree in Middle Eastern languages and literature at ULB in Brussels, Belgium, and a bachelor’s degree in political science in Padua, Italy. During my studies he had the opportunity to do an Erasmus in Paris, an Erasmus Mundus in Jordan, and a volunteering period in Morocco, enriching my knowledge thanks to different cultures and countries in Europe and beyond.

Iwona Nov

Mauricio Sagastuy

Barbara Cecchellero

She is 30 years old and born in Vicenza, Italy. She studied in Padua at the University of Science of Gastronomy. After spending a year in Australia working at a cheese monger café she moved to Piemonte, Italy. Due to her passion for cheese, she worked with cheese since she was 22 and in 2018 she decided to open with her husband her own activity about cheese as cheese mongers. Since 2021 she is also a mom of two children, Mia and Cecilia.