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Public deliverables


Report “Navigating Climate and Sustainability in the EU Politics. A Guide for the European Election 2024” provides a summary of research on EU positions and policies concerning climate and sustainability in general, specifically focusing on local issues. Throughout the whole EU24 – Engage 4 The Planet project, we study five countries selected for the variety of political landscapes: France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden. Our goal is to understand the local issues
surrounding climate policies as well as their link to the European level. As we organise debates with young EU citizens and migrants in all the five countries,
this report was a way for us to understand the local and EU-wide topics related to climate crisis including mobility, food production, energy and social climate

Local issues will be tackled by understanding the countries’ political parties and their stands on country level but linked to the European Group and Party they belong to. We define “local issue” as the matters concerning a locality, here the country or specific regions, in terms of policies, challenges faced in the field of
climate change (mobility, food production, energy, social climate justice). Local issues can vary widely and may include matters related to local infrastructure, public services, urban development, transportation, education, environment, and local economy. They are often influenced by the unique characteristics, needs,
and priorities of a specific locality, and can be shaped by the interactions between local governments and residents within that community.