Poster Competition as a tool to Advocate for Climate Crisis Awareness

In a unique initiative to connect art with activism, EU24 consortium launched a poster competition focused on climate-related topics. This event not only aimed to raise awareness about pressing environmental issues but also to mobilize citizens to vote and engage for the planet in the EU24 elections. The competition and its outcomes were being disseminated through various channels including an online platform, debate events, our partners’ dissemination networks, and the press.

The competition’s entries were showcased in an online and in-situ exhibition, creating a platform for the public to view and engage with the artists’ work. The poster competition precedes the debate portion of the event, setting the stage for a thoughtful and visually engaging discussion.

Themes and Participation

Each poster competition was linked to one of our debates with a specific thematic. Here we present you the winners of these categories::

  1. Mobility in Strasbourg – Winner: Saba Armeni
  2. Energy in Groningen, Drenthe  – Winner: Amaya, Tess, and Floor
  3. Food Production in Gothenburg – Winner: Julia Nowaczewska
  4. Social Justice in Berlin – Winner: Jehyuk Lee, Dan Vlahos, Julia Nowaczewska, and Katarzyna Kuczaj

The submitted posters addressed various important aspects of climate issues, such as::

  • The Importance of Trees in Our Environment: Highlighting the crucial role trees play in sustaining life and combating climate change.
  • Design and De-Sign: A creative wordplay to raise awareness about the harmful practices impacting Earth, emphasizing the need for mindful design.
  • Equality of All Lives: A vibrant and colourful poster advocating for the equal treatment of all living beings.
  • Rising Temperature Critique: A modern critique presented through text messages and close-up images, focusing on the alarming rise in global temperatures.

As a result of the competition, we have one final winner for all the competition: Anaëlle Boutin, whose work was called “Breathe” focusing on Green Walls as thermal and sound insulators. She accompanied us in our final event “Diversity and Inclusion in Times of Climate Crisis” in Brussels. 

You can find all the submissions of our poster competition on our e-democracy platform. 

Artist Demographics and Perspectives

Participants were under or over 18 years old and identified themselves as artists or activists, showcasing a commitment to using their creative talents for advocacy. The theme of Social Climate Justice elicited a wide range of interpretations, with posters focusing on nature, equality, and human perspectives. The diverse approaches to Social Climate Justice highlighted the multifaceted nature of the issue. While some artists emphasized the importance of natural elements like trees, others focused on human equality and the impact of rising temperatures.

The poster competition was a crucial initiative, especially in the context of youth activism, for several reasons. The competition served as a powerful platform for raising awareness about critical climate-related issues. By engaging young artists and activists, it brought fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the forefront, highlighting the urgency of environmental action. 

Empowering Youth Voices

Young people often feel their voices are not heard in larger societal debates. This competition provides them with an opportunity to express their concerns and solutions creatively. It empowers them to contribute to the conversation on climate change and social justice, ensuring that their views are considered in policy and decision-making processes.

Encouraging Civic Engagement

By linking the competition to the EU24 elections and the various themes on Climate Issues, we encourage young participants to become more engaged citizens. It fosters a sense of responsibility and motivates them to participate in democratic processes, such as voting and advocating for sustainable policies.

Fostering Creativity and Innovation

The competition stimulates creativity and innovation among young people. It challenges them to think critically about complex issues and convey their messages through art. This not only enhances their artistic skills but also encourages them to develop innovative solutions to environmental challenges.

Highlighting Diverse Perspectives

The diverse themes and styles of the posters submitted reflect the varied perspectives on Social Climate Justice. This diversity enriches the discourse and helps in understanding the multifaceted nature of climate issues. It underscores the importance of considering different viewpoints and approaches in addressing global challenges.

In conclusion, the poster competition is a vital tool in youth activism. It raises awareness, empowers young voices, encourages civic engagement, fosters creativity, builds a global community, highlights diverse perspectives, and promotes sustainable development. It is an initiative that not only educates and inspires but also drives meaningful action towards a more just and sustainable future. Thank you to everyone who submitted their talented posters to our competition and encourage us to discuss climate issues in the context towards the European Elections 2024.