EU24 Event Promotes Food Sustainability through Mindful Debate

In the frame of the EU24 – Engage for the Planet project, funded by the CERV programme, Comparative Research Network together with the Associated partner Almost There AB organized an event in Gothenburg (Sweden) on the 18th of April 2024.

The event was organized as a debate and focused on food sustainability, and more specifically on “Local self-sufficiency – urban food production & logistics” using mindfulness and creative solutions.

This event brought together local food producers, policy makers and sustainability activists to discuss and take action towards sustainable food systems. The dabate was divided into three parts:

  1. Producers/Sources: This part focused on growing and producing local food. Participants discussed how to be more self-sufficient and compete with global supply chains by using local resources and practices.
  2. Distribution & Logistics: This part looked at how to get products to consumers. Participants talked about overcoming transport challenges and improving local distribution systems.
  3. End Users/Consumers: This part focused on consumers’ role in buying local products. Participants discussed how restaurants, shops, and people can make informed choices to support local businesses.

Mindfulness methods were used to engage participants and show how food systems and the environment are connected. The event encouraged active participation and meaningful change.

Key points from the event include the importance of local communities in promoting food sustainability and the need for cooperation across different sectors. The event also helped people network and form partnerships for future projects.

The EU24 project aims to engage citizens in climate conversations and inspire collective action for a sustainable future. Using mindfulness and collaborative problem-solving, we can build strong, local food systems that benefit people and the planet.

The event happened in collaboration with some local stakeholders: Nätet project funded by Vinnova, Västmat, and Värt.