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May 24 @ 11:00 19:00

Join us at the Europäisches Haus Berlin for the European Climate Action Day: Shaping Policies for a Fair Transition.

The morning sessions will feature panel discussions with policymakers, scientists and activists. Afterwards, we will engage in creative expression through circular art activities. The event will culminate in a social climate justice debate, advocating for fair solutions to environmental challenges, which will continue into the evening with food, drinks and further collaboration opportunities. But the event would not be complete without YOU, so join us and make your voice heard!


For any questions, please contact us via email:

11.00 Green Cities Panel

Come along for a panel discussion where our experts explore the power of green cities in shaping our future. From innovative urban planning to urban gardens, our panelists will examine how to mitigate environmental challenges in the cities. Together we will design the path towards vibrant, inclusive, and eco-friendly urban landscapes for ourselves and the next generations.

Confirmed Speakers: Johannes Tolk (Resilient Cities), Prof. James W. Scott (University of Eastern Finland), Przemysław Piechocki (Stowarzyszenie Na Rzecz Spółdzielni Socjalnych), Magdalena Klarenbach (Open Plan Foundation)

12.00 Circular Future Panel

Join us in crafting a greener tomorrow – circular economy and beyond.
In this panel discussion, we will go beyond the boundaries of traditional economic discourse to explore the broader implications of circularity on our planet’s well-being. Our experts will delve into how embracing circular principles in all aspects of life, from waste management to art, can guide the way for a more resilient, equitable, and environmentally conscious future.

Confirmed Speakers: Dr. Volker Ludwig (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Abfallwirtschaft e.V.), Radovan Grollmus (National Recycling Agency of Slovakia), Julia Theek (Circular Art Society e.V.), Anna Krenz (Sinus_3)

14.00 Circular Art Activities

The CirculART-e project revolves around visual art education, digital skills, and circular thinking, aimed at empowering youth with migratory and minority backgrounds across Europe to excel in social entrepreneurship.
During Climate Action Day, a selection of CirculART-e learning sessions and activities will be presented interactively at four parallel tables. From 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM, seize the opportunity to traverse between tables and immerse yourself in hands-on activities that are all linked to the use of visual skills related to various aspects of circularity and the enhancement of social and entrepreneurial skills.
Come and join us for these creative and enjoyable activities and give us your valuable feedback.

14.00 YSCP Young Climate Dialogue

In YSCP project we put focus on the activation of young people in creating a climate policy. During our Dialogue event on the 24th of May, we would like to share with you our video webinars.
Within them, we want to understand the measures taken by governments regarding the effects of human activities on the climate & environment. Our aim is to improve the inclusion of young people in decision-making processes related to climate change adaptation and mitigation. We are inviting all young people to give us your opinion and ideas on how to increase your participation in finding solutions to climate change. Your voices are important to us! Young activism is needed so please join us for finding ways of changing the world for the better!

14.00 Market of Ideas

Explore our projects or showcase your own initiative or organization.

16.30 EU24- engage for the planet – Shaping policies for a fair transition

As we confront the escalating challenges posed by climate crisis, policymaking must reflect the needs and concerns of all members of society. Our discussion will center on ensuring inclusivity in policy development at various levels, from local municipalities to national governments, European Union and beyond. We’ll explore strategies to amplify voices often marginalized in decision-making processes, fostering a more democratic and representative approach to governance. Let’s come together before the European Parliament elections to shape policies that address the pressing issues of our time, ensuring a just future for all, within and beyond the borders of the EU.

Confirmed Speakers:Christian Arnd (Die Linke), Jan-Denis Wulff (die Grünen), Arturo Winters (SPD), Dr. Antonia Schwarz (Climate Change Center Berlin Brandenburg), Xabier Gomez (Youth and Environment Europe), Anna Geuchen (Deutscher Naturschutzring)

11.00 – 19.00 Climate change in Africa and European responsibility

Throughout the whole day you can also explore the NARUD’s exhibition “Climate change in Africa and European responsibility”.
The exhibition specifically raises the subject of climate change, and how it impacts African countries: even though they have hardly contributed to it, they are already dramatically affected by its effects. NARUD’s exhibition thus provides information on the current consequences of climate change in Africa such as flooding, devastation, droughts, flight and displacement as well as the impact on the lives of women. It also presents exemplary African climate protection projects
and African perspectives on climate justice. It discusses the status of climate aid from the industrialized countries responsible for climate change and raises awareness of the need to live up to Europe’s responsibility for climate change and do more for climate justice.

Comparative Research Network

Europäisches Haus Berlin, Am Brandenburger Tor Unter den Linden 78 10117 Berlin