Online Democracy Platform and Guide

The Online Democracy Platform and Guide are an integral part of the EU24 – Engage for the Planet project, designed to promote inclusive political engagement in Europe, simultaneously raising awareness about the climate crisis and guiding knowledge about the upcoming European Parliament Election 2024.

To support these efforts, an online open-source interactive platform was created. The platform focuses on communication, democratic participation, and networking, offering tools for online and hybrid events related to the EU24 project. 

The Online Democracy Platform aims at:

  • Keeping the users (citizens) updated on news, events and developments of the project
  • Providing a safe space to discuss questions and climate concerns about the upcoming EU elections in the fields of social climate justice, energy, food production, and mobility.
  • Providing a networking space for users and organisations in the field.

We hope that the list of applications will grow together with the growing community of the platform users. The process of creating the platform as well as its application are described in detail in the Online E-democracy Guide. Additionally, the guide offers recommendations and guidance for creating online and hybrid events, in the shape of an interactive checklist. It also features an extensive library of online democracy tools, providing organizations, and policymakers with more resources. The platform and the guide are both interactive and in constant evolution and we welcome any suggestions.