Summary video and report of the conference Climate Crisis-Youth-European Election 2024!

After a few months of work we can share the results of the video summarizing our conference Climate Crisis – Youth – European Elections 2024, hosted by Open Plan Foundation in Krakow on 19 May in Kraków, Poland. 

The world is currently witnessing the largest generation of youth in history, comprising 1.8 billion individuals aged between 10 to 24 years old. Unfortunately, this young population will be the ones to experience the repercussions and bear the burdens of inaction regarding the climate crisis. As a central topic climate change is the biggest threat to humanity today and it needs transnational and multinational solutions. That is why it is essential to create a strong European political community which is (inter-)active, diverse and able to form and express opinions in political debate. 

In the video you can hear the voices of the participants who give the reflection why it is important to include the youth into the climate crisis debate? Why should we talk with youth about the climate crisis?

Additionally, we have prepared detailed event report that include description of the conference proceedings with key findings:

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